June 24, 2013

MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation

Yet another of my little samples! This foundation is something I've wanted to try for a while so I'm so grateful to the MAC staff for giving me this little pot!

Studio Sculpt is a foundation for dry skin. It has a gel-like formula and it spreads over the skin really well. It covers imperfections and there was barely a need for any foundation when I used it today. It has a nice smell to it too which isn't too overpowering - always a good thing for something you're rubbing into your face!

It stayed on through the day but it did make my skin look rather greasy after about 5 hours wear. I'm not too opposed to a glow and sheen on the skin but this really did just look like grease. I think that this has a lot to do with the fact it's a gel formula and is made for dry skin and my skin is far from dry, so I probably only have myself to blame in expecting more.

I do think that if you have drier skin then this would be perfect for you seeing as the coverage is so good. I think the addition of a translucent powder would also tone down any grease that arose during the day. It's a really nice foundation anyhow, and I recommend it for drier skin types, definitely.


  1. Loving the new design of the blog :)

    I was thinking of trying out this but after reading this review I feel it would be completely wrong for my skin. Great review!

    Hannah xx

    1. Thanks Hannah :D

      And thank you! I'm going to try it again tomorrow and see if i get a better result using a brush rather than my fingers :) will let you know how it goes! Have a lovely holiday :D xxxx


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