June 10, 2013

Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector

I like the idea of BB Cream because it makes me feel like I am not clogging my skin with foundation all the time. I use it when I am going for a very natural look as it goes on the skin like a moisturiser with the colour of a foundation. 

I got a "Love2Shop" voucher as a prize earlier this year and I used it in March to buy this particular BB cream. I never usually buy Garnier to be honest. Correct me if I am wrong but I see them as more of an anti-aging brand and at 19 I'm not really interested in splashing out on products to keep my skin young just yet! It's more of a skincare brand too and I don't try new exfoliators/moisturisers that often...particularly when they are priced so high. Nonetheless, I had this voucher and this BB cream was on offer so I bought it.

I think that the tube is really cute. It's slightly shimmery which is nice and the labelling is to the point. Quite obviously, I chose the palest shade - "Light". It isn't that light...but luckily I like BB cream/foundation a little bit darker than my actual skin tone so that I look less washed out. 

You can see here that it is quite thick! It rubs in reasonably well though. Not the best but not the worst by a long way. It is better to rub in when it is warmer, I have found. It doesn't cover that well, but it gives a good colour at the same time if that is even possible. What I mean is that I couldn't build it up to cover a blemish or a spot like I could with a foundation, but I can use it to give my face a glow and a bit more of a colour. It more enhances my natural look than covers it up. It smells gorgeous though and it's good if you want to give your skin a rest from all the pore clogging! 

In Boots it is priced at £9.99. I think that that is rather steep...I mean, it's good, but not £10 worth of good. Maybe that's just me... I managed to grab it in the skincare sale (which is still on by the looks of things!!) at Superdrug though where I think I paid around £6, which is about reasonable to me. So do keep your eyes peeled for these offers, or just pick it up and try it if you think that it looks worth the £9.99!

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