June 23, 2013

Clarins Daily Energizer Wake-Up Booster + Daily Energizer Cream

I got these samples from the lovely ladies at the Clarins counter in Debenhams. They chose them for me after I described my skin as combination leaning towards oily and I said that I aimed for a radiant look.

The Wake-Up Booster is described as a gel but to me it is much thinner than a gel and is more of a watery toner. It smells a little peachy but generally it has a fresh scent. I applied it using a cotton pad, rubbing it, rather than the recommending dabbing, over my face. It smoothed out any rougher, drier areas of my face and left it feeling really smooth. I really want to buy this when I come into a bit more money...unless something else impresses me even more!

The Energizer Cream just enhances the effects of the Wake-Up Booster. It sinks into the skin really quickly, not so much that you can't tell where you've put it, but my skin wasn't left feeling clogged or sticky. The cream itself is white and not so thin to be described as a milk, but thin enough that a little can go a long way and it is easy to spread. It didn't reclog my pores after the Booster had cleared them...it just made the areas of my face that had been softened feel even softer. There was no issue with oiliness or stickiness..just smoothness. It really is fantastic. Oh, and it smells DIVINE! It has a peachy/floral scent - much stronger than the Booster..bad on a bad hayfever day but worth it as it smells beautiful. As expensive as it is I think that it's probably worth ever penny.

The Wake-up Booster is priced at £16 and the Cream at £21!

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