June 07, 2013

REVIEW: BarryM Gelly Hi Shine Nail Polish

I swear by BarryM nail polishes, there have only ever been two of their polishes I have disliked (review to come soon!!) and believe me I nearly have/have had them all. When they brought out their "Gelly Hi Shine" range I was pretty excited as I love the effect of a good gel polish (not sure I can say the same about the AFTER effects...) so I thought that I was in for a treat. I definitely was! The initial colour set that BarryM brought out was a little boring in my opinion, but that's probably due to the fact that I like quite "out there" nail polishes and try shades that a lot of people don't even consider. However, their more recent releases are right up my street - a lot brighter and much more fun!

My first two buys from the collection were the shades "Pomegranate" and "Watermelon" (Pictured, they are the bright pink/red and dark teal colour) I then went on to buy "Plum" (dark purple), "Lychee" (beige/cream) and "Blood Orange" (bright red). Today, I ventured into town and bought myself "Greenberry" (turquoise) and "Key Lime" (lime green).

The polishes are rather different from BarryM's usuals. They are much thicker and you need less coats. I find thicker nail polishes a bit more difficult to paint with, I must admit, but after a couple coats any uneven areas look flattened out. They do give a fantastic shine and if you usually use a top coat purely to add a sheen to your nails - you don't need to use it where these are concerned. Although, adding a decent topcoat doesn't affect their shine if you tend to put one on for longer lasting colour.

My personal favourite of this collection is "Greenberry" - it perfectly matches my Lo Pro Vans and it is so apt for the weather here in Yorkshire at the minute!

Give them a try and let me know your favourites!

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