June 05, 2013

REVIEW: MAC Opulash Optimum Black

I have a real big tendency to just buy a cheap mascara and then still be surprised when it dries up or starts flaking around my eyes. But not this time! Debenhams had a 10% off sale on all beauty products - so I went for it and bought my second ever Mac mascara. It's the MAC Opulash Optimum Black Mascara. I had no reason behind buying this mascara in particular, I just strolled up to the mini-stand with all the mascaras on, saw "optimum black" (as a redhead I want my mascaras the blackest of black) and went for it.

I had a look at the brush. It looked big and chunky and I thought that it had potential to be a bit of a let down (like Badgal lash by Benefit...) but I know how much hype there is around Mac products so didn't think it could be too bad...and it isn't! It's fantastic. 

I am lucky to have quite thick and long eyelashes and this mascara accentuates them so much - which is great owing to the fact that they are so blonde whilst bare that they're barely noticeable! It defines all of the lashes individually and if you apply it right - there is no clumping. It was a great purchase and I am proud of myself for finally avoiding the £1.97 mascaras I usually buy! I have had it a month now and the brush still draws out plenty of product so I can't really complain! Another positive is that it is involved in the "Back 2 Mac" scheme - take back 6 empty products and get one free :)

I would definitely recommend this to anyone!

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