June 27, 2013

Key Summer Wardrobe Pieces

Okay so Summer is (apparently) here and over the past few months I've been preparing my wardrobe for it. I'm not one to say that following trends is a must, I think that if someone feels good...it shows and they look good! But here are a few things that I find key to any Summer Wardrobe for all you girly girls out there! You can create some really simple summery looks with these pieces, so here we go.

Whether you're pale or tanned, I reckon a white dress is a must. I think that they just look really feminine and pretty. You can create some really lovely looks with a white dress; both for day and night. In a day they look fantastic with some ballet pumps or gladiator sandals and you can accessorise pretty much anyway you want. For an evening look you can go with almost any coloured/style shoe..from lime green to coral, wedged to stiletto. You can accessorise with, again, anything you want. A white dress can be teamed with any hairstyle you want and makeup can be anything from smokey to neutral. You can pick them up in almost every high street/online store and you don't even have to spend much either. I don't really think you can go wrong!


These skirts have a habit of enhancing your slimmest parts and they really show off your figure. You can get them in almost all colours and they don't cost much either. Again, they're great for both day and night. I have a grey one and a denim effect one and I wear one at least twice a week at the moment. They look great teamed with a crop top or if you're not a crop top kinda girl a top tucked in also looks fabulous. You can wear tights or not tights, gladiator sandals or ankle boots, and still look glam. Such a versatile skirt - I can't get enough of them! They're not badly priced either!


Midi is back on trend! Woo! Another figure enhancing piece for your wardrobe. They come in all styles and patterns and they look effective even if teamed with a plain top and shoes. Perfect with wedges, they make your bum POP and are great for glamming up a summers day! If you're less comfortable with your figure then just pop on some spanx! Can guarantee that you'll turn some heads with this trend, ladies.


Plain and simple. Casual and chic. They sell them everywhere! Whether you go full sleeve, 3/4 sleeve or t-shirt style they just look really cute, especially when teamed with some jeans or shorts. Accessorise depending on how you're feeling! Really cheap and easy way to look cute on a Summer's day!

I'm not suggesting places to get a good one of these or any looks...too obvious :)

I don't know what to say about these...they're just great. You can, again, get them in loads of colours and on hotter days they're a fantastic alternative to trousers or a skirt if you're not a skirt-kinda person!


So there you have it - just a few things that I think are simple enough yet add a lot to your wardrobe a the same time! Please do ask for any photo sources if you'd like them :)

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