June 21, 2013

Freebie Haul!


So I was chatting to my boyfriend and my dad (of all people!) about how to test more products on a low budget and we considered things like beauty swaps, asking around for any near empties and then we just thought - why not go round and ask at beauty stands in department stores and ask them for a little help!

Today I hit my nearest shopping centre and nipped into Debenhams and House Of Fraser to speak to some of the beauty staff. I basically explained to them how I had started a beauty blog a couple weeks ago and was looking for some products to try out and review. I first went into Debenhams and I visited the bareMinerals, Benefit, MAC and Clarins stands. Here, Benefit didn't have too much on offer but I did get a tiny sample of Porefessional from them. I then hit bareMinerals and the lady there was so keen! She gave me a loose powder foundation sample with a little brush, a magazine-style sample of their new lipgloss Moxie in two colours and a mini lipgloss of it too! Mac were a little steady when i first asked as the MUA couldn't think of something she could sample for me! But then she got me two little tester pots of their Studio Fix and Studio Sculpt foundations, matching them as close as she could to my skin tone and gladly handing them over and wishing me luck! Clarins was my favourite though. The two ladies that served me were so so nice and they asked me all about what I was doing and what I wanted to achieve and yeah, they just made me feel proud of what I am doing! They gave me a bag full of samples - moisturisers and cleansers galore!

I went to House Of Fraser afterwards, visiting Benefit and Lancome. I was a bit disappointed as they were quite understaffed and I wanted to ask more than just the two, but I hung around the beauty section for a while and no one turned up. I plan to go to Clinique, Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier and all the others next time I go! The assistant at Benefit gave me some foundation samples, so I was really happy after the lack of result at Debenhams! Then at Lancome I was given some Visionnaire samples and a sample of Genifique.

I can't wait to try and review everything I was given today and I'd like to thank all of the Beauty staff at Debenhams and House Of Fraser in Meadowhall for all of their help - particularly you ladies at Clarins! I recommend you give this a try Beauty Bloggers! Such a good way of finding new products.

Watch out for the reviews :)


  1. Love it, you are so brave and it paid off! :)

    1. I am so pleased that they all helped me out and that I didn't chicken out! Definitely recommend that you try it! :) xx

  2. This is such a brilliant idea thanks for sharing it with us. Will definitely have to try it when I next go shopping.

    Hannah xx

  3. Oh wow that's such a great way of trying new products, just shows all you have to do is ask! :) I may try and build up the confidence to do this in my local Debenhams!

    Hannah x

    1. oh it is so worth the nerves! i love some of the samples i was given and it's a really good way of trying new things out without splashing too much cash xx


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