June 05, 2013

REVIEW: bareMinerals READY foundation review

I started using bareMinerals after my Dad treated me to their starter kit last November. I had never tried it before - basically due to the fact that I thought it was extortionately priced. If you've used the starter kit you'll know that you get some of the loose powder foundations, a bronzer, mineral veil, primer and some brushes. It was using the primer, foundation and full flawless face brush that made me fall in love with bareMinerals. It gave me a great coverage without feeling like my face was sticky or my pores clogged. Although this fact didn't distract away from the fact that I really don't like loose powders all that much. I think that they're a bit of a faff! Either get too much out of the pot or not enough. They just annoy me.

So...when I saw that bareMinerals had released a pressed powder form of their foundations I was over the moon! I maintained using my full flawless face brush and a standard primer does the trick! (I must admit that I don't find the bareMinerals primer anything above the standard of the cheaper, high street brands...) It gives a great coverage but at the same time doesn't make you look like you're caked in make up. Under my eyes I use the bareMinerals concealer brush that also came in the "Get Started" kit.

It's a bit expensive for my liking, but due to how amazing I find it I think that I will continue to buy it despite of this! The photos were taken on the day I purchased the foundation, which was the end of April. The packaging since then has become a little more worn - but I'm not that careful with my make up to be honest - a good product is a good product even if from the outside it looks a little worn!

Yet another product I strongly recommend you splash out on... :)

 (As a pale skinned redhead I use shade R170)

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